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I was searching through some old Word documents today and found this, from 2008, I think. It is still so ironic, just plain funny to me, that a bunch of Indians are buying virtual land with real money! But I am so glad we did, for all the reasons I wrote then:


• Space

Our own island in SL would be AbTeC’s on-line headquarters, an in-world place of our own to meet each other and to invite interested individuals to visit. We could easily run workshops, give lectures and present exhibitions from here.

• Time

As my research assistants and I build the sets, props and costumes for TimeTraveller™, we have come to realize the huge amount of time we’ve lost searching for places to set up our sets, only to have to pack them back up again at the end of a meeting or work session.  Having our own land, with the necessary building permissions, would allow us the time required to move forward on projects.  Additionally, if the sets can stay up, we don’t have to worry so much about being on-line at the same time.

• Sandbox/Sketch place

It occurs to me that Second Life could be a great tool for sketching animation.  In other words, even if a project will be realized in Maya, a quick sketch of the movie could be made in SL to show to animators and whoever else to convey the general idea of the storyboard, including camera angles & movement, characterization and locations.  Our sim could include a sandbox for building plus a kind of “black-box studio” for shooting animation.

• Continuation

As soon as I started seriously thinking about us having our own land in Second Life, I could see reviving CyberPowWow.  Something about having a place of your own is so empowering! How does “CyberPowWow Rebirthplace” sound?  Or just the simple “CPW3D”?  Maybe superscript it????

A little sketch I made to help me think about what we could do on our island.

A little sketch I made to help me think about what we could do on our island. I thought UBrave was a catchy name but Jason did not!

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