Beth Escaping

Posted on January 14, 2009, 4:52 pm, by Jason, under Uncategorized.

Beth gets interviewed by The Escapist online magazine, and does a great job laying out the Skins / AbTeC agenda. Here’s an excerpt:

Traditional knowledge is vital to the well-being of our youth and their futures,” Dillon explains. “We learn from the ones before us. In the case of Skins, the importance is carefully considering traditional storytelling practices and how to transform that experience into a digital form for sharing with players or users.

Dillon sees similarities between gaming and the native art of oral storytelling: “A storyteller and the listeners create the experience together, much like in videogames – the game designer sets up the environment and rules, but the player’s interactions really create the narrative. Both experiences rely on a participant’s sense of presence, immersion and emotion to be successful.” [link]

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