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Fun in Four Directions: start of a sideshow of Aborginal avatars

Today I revisited an artwork from 2008, a collaboration between Bea Parsons and myself, called Guided By The Four Directions. Let me break it down for you.

Native Steampunk

As we recolonize cyberspace and re-envision technology for Aboriginal means, I am brought back to the Steampunk genre time and time again. For those unaware, steampunk, simply put, is a genre of fiction that re-imagines a past with steam-based technology. (Notably, steampunk has become a fashion and an aesthetic.) However, most steampunk, despite being based […]

TimeTraveller™ News

Sometimes it is painful to write about your own art. The thought of revealing to the world your flawed decision-making processes or your inability to truly articulate your meaning or your doubts about your skills… it’s all so daunting. On the other hand, it is such a burden to remember everything, like why you made […]